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We Love Copper!


Copper is being seen in a whole new light.  As trendy as ever, we are seeing copper pop up in numerous designs.  From gorgeous copper sinks and tumbled copper counter tops to fireplace surrounds and accent walls.  Warm and inviting, copper has a subtle beauty that does not overwhelm, but makes it’s presence known.

Historically, copper metals have been used in design and architecture for thousands of years.  With alloys such as bronze and brass, copper offers a variety of colours and finishes, which combined with copper’s exceptional characteristics make them the choice of designers world-wide.

Copper and it’s many alloys, (brasses and bronzes), offer visually stunning qualities along with unique physical and mechanical properties.  Many copper-containing building products have high recycled content – often exceeding 80%.  More importantly, these products are durable, have long life spans, are low maintenance, and are readily reusable or recyclable.  This ensures that designers and building owners not only achieve their visual aspirations and performance specifications, but are also able to achieve environmental expectations as well.

Innovative and cost-effective, Landmark Metalcoat is a real metal that provides the look and durability of solid cast metal.  The unique application and finishing process creates a distinctive visual aesthetic and relief only we offer.  While Metalcoat aesthetics are visually appealing, this state-of-the-art technology goes far deeper than mere appearance.  Landmark’s unique metal coats also deliver industrial applications and multiple benefits.  Metal coats can be cold-sprayed over any substrate, in almost any configuration or design, offering antimicrobial properties to the medical community, antifouling to the marine industry and cost-saving abrasion and impact resistance to the wind turbine industry. With multiple metals and finishes, including copper and it’s alloys , the applications are endless and the design possibilities infinite.

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